Table of Contents: Volume 48, 2005

Volume 48, Number 2 (161-330)
Irina Basalaeva, Hironobu Kimura and Takashi Nakazuka;
Cohomological Intersection Numbers for the Generalized Airy Functions at Veronese Points
pp. 161--181.
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Shigeaki Koike and Hiroaki Morimoto ;
Optimal Consumption and Portfolio Choice with Stopping
pp. 182--202.
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Takao Suzuki ;
Affine Weyl Group Symmetry of the Garnier System
pp. 203--230.
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Tetsu Masuda ;
Special Polynomials Associated with the Noumi-Yamada System of Type A5(1)
pp. 231--246.
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Takasi Senba
Blowup Behavior of Radial Solutions to Jager-Luckhaus System in High Dimensional Domains
pp. 247--271.
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Hidetaka Sakai
A q-Analog of the Garnier System
pp. 273--297.
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Gen-qiang Wang and Sui Sun Cheng ;
Existence of Periodic Solutions for a Neutral Differential Equation with Piecewise Constant Argument
pp. 299--311.
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Abir El-Rabih ;
Existence of Local Analytic Solutions for Systems of Difference Equations with Small Step Size
pp. 313--330
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