Table of Contents: Volume 47, 2004

Volume 47, Number 3 (361-523)
T. Akiyama, H. Kasai, Y. Shibata and M. Tsutsumi;
On a Resolvent Estimate of a System of Laplace Operators with Perfect Wall Condition
pp. 361--394.
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Katia A. G. Azevedo and Luiz A. C. Ladeira ;
Hopf Bifurcation for a Class of Partial Differential Equation with Delay
pp. 395--422.
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Angelo Favini, Rabah Labbas, Hiroki Tanabe and Atsushi Yagi;
On the Solvability of Complete Abstract Differential Equations of Elliptic Type
pp. 423--452.
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Jeong Ja Bae;
Global Existence and Decay for Kirchhoff Type Wave Equation with Boundary and Localized Dissipations in Exterior Domains
pp. 453--477.
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Nakao Hayashi, Naoko Ito, Elena I. Kaikina and Pavel I. Naumkin;
Large Time Behavior of Small Solutions to Dirichlet Problem for Landau-Ginzburg Type Equations
pp. 479--497.
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S. Kracmar and P. Penel;
Variational Properties of a Generic Model Equation in Exterior 3D Domains
pp. 499--523.
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