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Edited by Hiromasa Nakayama

$ ((c+d)=(((a+b)-n)+ 1 ) \Rightarrow  {}_pF_q({\tt List}(a,b,(-n)),{\tt List}(c...
... {\tt hypergeo0.pochhammer}
{\tt hypergeo0.pochhammer}
((c-a-b),n)}) $
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{\tt implies}
(c + d = 1 + a + b - n, {}_pF_q(\{ a,b,-n\} ,\{ c,d\} ,1) = {...}
(-b + c,n)}{
{\tt Pochhammer}
{\tt Pochhammer}
(-a - b + c,n)}}) $
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Formula in the tfb format:

      (c d) ~relation1.eq~ 
        (a b ~arith1.minus~ n 1),
        list1.list(a, b, arith1.unary_minus(n)),
        list1.list(c, d),
        (hypergeo0.pochhammer(c ~arith1.minus~ a, n) ~arith1.times~
        hypergeo0.pochhammer(c ~arith1.minus~ b, n) ~arith1.divide~
        hypergeo0.pochhammer(c, n) ~arith1.divide~
        hypergeo0.pochhammer(c ~arith1.minus~ a ~arith1.minus~ b, n)));

Summation theorems for ordinary hypergeometric series

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Nobuki Takayama 2003-02-03