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License: This work consists of movies, attachedments(slides, notes) and the top page of the work. This work may be copied, distributed, and transmitted. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work (creative commons, Attribution-NoDerivative works 2.1 ).

See creative commons, Attribution-NoDerivative works 2.1 as to details

Upon these conditions, distributors of this work and the author(s) make the following promises.

  1. The top page of the work may be distributed under the Gnu Free Documentation license.
  2. When the author asks distributors to add corrections to his work, distributors has to generate a new distribution containing these corrections. (Remark: this does not mean that, for example, distributors must replace his work already distirubted by the new one. Annoucement of a new version by web pages will be enough.)
  3. When the author asks distributors to stop the distribution, they have to stop the distribution.
  4. Redistibutors have to notify the author that they redistribute his work as long as it is possible (added in 2008-12-21).
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