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Osaka Conference 2010, Temporary streaming
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Keywords: serial=0046, type=research lecture
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Lecture video (講演映像)

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The following lectures can be watched only by streaming. Other lectures, which are downloadable, are put under here .

[111-9] S.Fienberg

Streaming (109M, about 40 min)

[111-16] E.Hubert

Streaming (107M, about 39 min)

[111-17] M.Studeny

Streaming (108M, about 40 min)

[222-4] S.Kuriki

Streaming (72M, about 26 min)

[222-5] M.Hering

Streaming (69M, about 25 min)

[333-3] F.Castro-Jimenez

Streaming (87M, about 32 min)

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