ALC 10 (Sep 1, 2008 --- Sep 6, 2008) Tutorials and Plenary Lectures.

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  1. Byunghan Kim (김 병한), Geometric Simplicity Theory.
  2. Greg Hjorth, Descriptive set theory, orbit equivalence, cost, and Borel equivalence relations.
  3. Peter Cholak, The Computably Enumerable Sets: A Tutorial.
  4. Jeremy Avigad, A formal system for Euclidean deagrammatric reasoning.
  5. Justin Moore, Structure within the class of Aronszajn lines.
  6. Kazushige Terui (照井一成), Algebraic proof theory for nonclassical logics.
  7. Yue Yang (杨跃), Elementary Differences among Degree Structures.
Note: @s/2008/09, proceedings (not obtainable for now).